USB Web Server

Is a tool that consists of Apache, MySQL and PHP, and has been equipped with phpMyAdmin. USB Web Server is based on the description on the AMP on a USB.

Unlike the AMP on a USB that uses Apache 2.0.50 and PHP 5.0.3, USB Web Server using Apache 1.3.23, MySQL 3.23.47, PHP 4.1.1 and phpMyAdmin 2.5.1, which is a standard package of PHP Triad 2.2 (except for phpMyAdmin - PHP Triad 2.2 using phpMyAdmin 2.2.3).

This tool will allow people to have a small, functioning web server on a single USB stick. The portability and its basis on PHP Triad is very useful for a programmer lacking a laptop or netbook - important for showing ideas etc to clients or showcasing their latest work to friends or colleagues.

USB Web Server can be downloaded in .zip format with file size 14.3 MB (23/01/2006). To use, simply extract the zipped file into the USB, and run the file "start.bat".

Click here to download.
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