Radio Suka-Suka (Bandung)

We are independent broadcaster/netcaster from Indonesia whom love music and have many collections of Indonesia music. We are not related to any major or indie labels.
This is our “open” project for our satisfaction and we never think to be commercial one.
Beginning first time, one of us with friends try to operate pirate FM Radio (Radio Metal 108 FM) in Bandar Lampung (1991) for 3 years. Maybe broadcasting world still living inside our blood, untill we find Internet is the best way (for this time) for streaming the sounds. Then we try to operate thie station, tjap Radio Bandoeng. Because some reasons, We have to change the name from tjap Radio Bandoeng to Radio Suka-Suka.

Why we build this station??? 
We’d like to International listeners know about variety of Indonesia music that get improved every each time, from various genre, from Dangdut, Gambang Kromo, Pop, Orkes, Jazz, Rock, Metal, Disco, House Music, Oldies Song, R n’ B, Rap and Indie. Yes, this is spend alot of our money, but its ok, we do it just for fun. We think, this is our way to promote the good side of Indonesia because of We are Indonesian.
For now, because of our budget We only have 2 little server in US and Indonesia (Testing Server) with @50 listeners on each server.

  1. Beginning first time, one of us with friends try to operate pirate FM Radio (Radio Metal 108 FM) in Bandar Lampung (1991) for 3 years.
  2. 1998 - 2006, Moving to Bandung. Introduced with Internet and learning to prepare how to streaming audio over IP. Using dialup from ISP C, testing on LAN. Changing ISP C to ISP M (Kabel). Testing stream only for our friends (private) from our computer. Back to ISP C (Kabel).
    Had not too much time for streaming at that time.
  3. Beginning (January) 2007 Testing stream at mp3 format using server. We use \"tjap Radio Bandoeng\" as our brand name.
    Using domain
  4. March-April 2007 testing German server using server. Tried to use new codec, AACPlus V1. Listen2myradio server never used anymore
  5. Mid (June) 2007, testing (US) server. German Server used for relaying the US server.
  6. November 2007, we had to shutdown German server.
  7. 2008, we tried new codec, aacPlus ver. 2
  8. 2009, Change our name to Radio Suka-Suka (RSS). Many people ask us to use Indonesia server so we rent new server at But at that time we still find stable another Indonesia server, on December 2009 we use VPS on (now under under domain name.
    We had to shutdown server at that time. Adding, and (official website) for domain name.
  9. December 2009 - now,  Changing source connection ISP from C to B (sorry not disclosed).
ID (HE-AAC @32 kbps stereo)

US (HE-AAC @24 kbps setero)
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